Ortega products in US and Canada recalled for peanuts and tree nuts – Nov. 16, 2014

by Kelly Morgan on November 16, 2014

Several ORTEGA products were recalled in Canada starting at the beginning of  November 2014 due to unlabeled allergens (peanut and tree nut) and now this recall has extended to the US.  It is extensive in geographic scope and products, including mixes, sauces, and taco kits that presumably contain these mix packets or sauces – please see link below for details.  Please forward to teachers, extended family, friends – anyone who could be taking care of individuals with life-threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.


A list of the Ortega and Las Palmas products involved can be viewed here.  Check this link for the most up to date list.   The specific allergens are peanut and tree nuts (almonds). These products were widely distributed throughout the US and Canada.   Here is an additional link to the parent company, B & G Foods, website.


If someone in your care has a reaction to Ortega product or any product in a manufactured product, restaurant or at home and the allergen is unknown, there is help available to figure out the source of the reaction and make sure companies and the FDA are informed of any risks to other individuals.  The Food Allergy Resource and Research Program at University of Nebraska – Lincoln (FARRP)’s Consumer Information Section has devoted a page to “Life Saving/Food Safety Issues.”   Here you will find steps to take when a reaction has occurred and the source of the allergen is undetermined.  Learn how to handle samples and follow-up with the company and the FDA.


Washington FEAST does include a list of FDA recalls on our homepage in the left sidebar.  You can sign up for FDA recalls on your own as well here.  Another great source of recall information is the Food Poisoning Bulletin where you can sign up for additional emails updates about all types of food safety recall issues.

Stay safe!

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