How We Are Organized

FEAST Officers and Board Members

Washington FEAST incorporated as a not-for profit in Washington State in 2008.

WA-FEAST Officers are:

  • President-Kelly Morgan
  • Vice President- Desi Tucker
  • Outreach Coordinator- Tiesha Stiles
  • Treasurer-Sarah Beddow
  • Secretary-Tamis Nordling

Washington FEAST board of directors:

  • Kelly Morgan, Board Chair & President
  • Desi Tucker, Vice President
  • Sarah Beddow, Treasurer
  • Tamis Nordling, Secretary
  • Tiesha Stiles, Outreach Coordinator
  • Ann Stapleton, M.D.
  • Laura Tranin

Other WA-FEAST participants help with special projects.

We are not trained in the medical profession, but all of us have personal experience in living with food allergies. We are all committed to helping others live as safe and normal a life as possible in the face of life-threatening allergies.


Washington Feast

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