Living with Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis: take time to understand

Please take this opportunity to learn a little more about what it is like to live daily with life-threatening food allergies. The videos below will give you insight into kid’s and parent’s thoughts about managing this condition.

General informationFood Allergy Research and Education has many useful resources including short slideshow presentations targeting elementary audiences, teen audiences and corporate audiences.

Food handlers: If you prepare food for those with life-threatening food allergies you might find the links on our Restaurant Education page helpful including the new online training module by ServeSafe Allergens.

Teachers: PBS has developed a peanut allergy lesson plan that enhances an “Arthur” episode entitled “Binky Goes Nuts.” This lesson is ideal for elementary aged children.  You could also order books from Kids with Food Allergies Online Food Allergy Bookstore.  or consider having food allergy musician Kyle Dine do a performance at your school.

All School Staff: If you are managing food allergies in a school setting, consider completing AllergyReady training course, created by FARE in cooperation with Anaphylaxis Canada.

Anyone who cares for someone at risk for anaphylaxis: Please consider taking an online anaphylaxis training course such as Epicenter Trianing Inc. individual training course – this simple-to-use shot of epinephrine (adrenaline) is necessary to stop an anaphylactic reaction (allergic shock). A Twinject may be prescribed instead – it contains two doses of epinephrine. Please visit and view Adrenaclick. Finally, Auvi-Q comes with audio prompts to walk someone through administering epinephrine in an emergency.

Grandparents: check out this resources Grandparents Guide to Food Allergies

Thank you for taking the time to become educated about life threating food allergies and anaphylaxis. Your new knowledge just might save a life!


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