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The following pages focus on specific aspects of managing food allergies in the school setting, primarily, though many of them can apply to daycare settings and camps.  The following article by allergist Michael Pistiner and pediatrician Cynthia DiLaura-Devore is a good foundation for educating any organization or community about caring for children with life-threatening food allergies and anaphylaxis.    Please take a minute to read: The Role of Pediatricians in School Food Allergy Management.

Here are some links to the best resources for managing food allergies and anaphylaxis in schools and include info for parents, teachers, nurses and administrators:

For more school anaphylaxis management resources see the following WA FEAST website pages and links to other websites below:


Food-free Rewards and Celebrations

Safe snack lists – Warning: ingredients change – always read labels and call manufacturers if needed!
  • SnackSafely – SnackSafely has developed a safe snack list for use by parents and schools as well as many useful resources for raising awaresness and keeping food allergic students safe at school

Food in Classroom Projects

PTA and after-school activities

Wellness Policies

  • Washington State – OSPI School Wellness Manual:  “School Wellness Policy Best Practices for Policy Development, Implementation and Evaluation- January 2013” – encourages non-food rewards and celebrations and healthy snacks!
Food Service

For kids

FARE’s Be A Pal Brochure


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