School Food Allergy Training and Education

This page includes generic school food allergy and anaphylaxis guidelines and policy documents.  These resources can be used by schools, parents and administrators for all aspects of the school health continuum – from district policies to staff checklists to classroom accommodations.

School Anaphylaxis/Food Allergy Management and Eduation Resources for School Administrators, Staff and Parents – These resources can be used to guide the development and implementation of district school food allergy and anaphylaxis policies and guidelines.

  • AllergyHome’s “School Food Allergy Tools for Schools“- well organized resources with online staff training module by pediatric allergist Michael Pistiner.   Break out sections for nurses, staff, parents and educating kids.
  • The Food Allergy Book: What School Employees Need to Know,”   NEA Health Information Network (NEA HIN) is the non-profit health and safety arm of the National Education Association (NEA), produced in cooperation with the US Dept of Agriculture.   “The Food Allergy Book” is excellent educational tool and presents school anaphylaxis management in a way that is very approachable and easy to understand.

Training Options

  • AllergyHome’s School Staff Training Module – Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Michael Pistiner with post-test.
  • FARE’s School and Childcare Training Resources – a FEAST leader has been trained on the “Safe at School” powerpoint and can do the presentation at your school if desired, email here.
  • Help get your school AllergyReady! – Free comprehensive online training resource developed jointly by FAI, FARE (previously FAAN) and Anaphylaxis Canada.
  • The National Association of School Nurses has nurses ready to train other nurses on anaphylaxis and epinephrine as part of their “Saving Lives at School: School Nurses Train Staff to Respond to Anaphylactic Emergencies” program – Click here  for an interactive map that leads you to the list of nurses trained in each state.
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